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Sinning has never felt so divine

Sinning has never felt so divine

The Kings of Sin is a brand new steamy billionaire romance from the bestselling author of the Twisted series.:

Seven sins.

Seven billionaires.

Seven women who are going to turn their world upside down.

KINGS OF SIN is a steamy contemporary adult romance series of interconnected standalones. Every book features a different couple and is themed around one of the deadly sins.

The books have darkish themes but are NOT mafia or super dark romance (think similar in tone to Twisted).

The MCs are connected through their membership in the exclusive Valhalla Club, a society for the world’s richest and most powerful.


King of Wrath

King of Pride

King of Greed

King of Sloth

King of Envy

King of Gluttony

King of Lust


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